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Lots Available

Glenwood Cemetery is an active cemetery with lots available for sale

In addition to traditional burial spaces, Glenwood also offers wall niches in our Stream Garden area for cremations.

** Please Note Prices Subject To Change **


Glenwood Cemetery Pricing

Prices for burial spaces in Glenwood Cemetery start at $15,500 per space and vary depending on location within the cemetery. One burial space will accommodate one casket burial plus two cremated remains, or one space can hold three cremated remains. Double-depth rights may also be purchased per space for casket burials. The purchase price for this right is 60% of the selling price of the space at the time of purchase. If it is decided later to purchase double depth rights, the purchase price will be based on the market value at that time. The price for one wall niche is $15,500. For two ash burials in the same wall niche, the price is $24,800.

A portion of the lot or wall niche purchase price is deposited into a permanent trust fund that provides for the care of the cemetery in perpetuity, so there are no annual assessments for maintenance or other such charges. Currently, there is no charge for monument privileges in any area of the cemetery.

Fees for opening and closing of a grave (burial) currently range from $2,850 to $4,200 for an ash burial and from $3,650 to $6,000 for a casket burial. Extra charges may apply if special equipment is necessary. Glenwood does not provide any mortuary services. You should seek additional information on fees for mortuary services from the funeral home of your choice.

Washington Cemetery Pricing

Prices for burial spaces in Washington Cemetery start at $15,500 per space depending on location within the cemetery. Please note: All other information is the same as for Glenwood Cemetery. Washington Cemetery is under the permanent care, custody and control of Glenwood Cemetery and is adjacent to Glenwood Cemetery.


Cost is $500 per space for transfers.

Name Changes

Cost is $500 per name change on Certificate of Ownership and Deed of Perpetuity.

Rules and Regulations

When purchasing a lot at either Glenwood Cemetery or Washington Cemetery owners will be subject to the attached Rules and Regulations

Opening and Closing

Please review our list of opening and closing charges for Glenwood Cemetery and Washington Cemetery.

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Contact Us

Contact us for additional information regarding purchasing a lot or call the office (713-864-7886) to make an appointment with Carmen Alliston, Executive Director, for a tour of the cemetery.

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