Center For Glenwood

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The Center for Glenwood


The Center will enhance Glenwood’s capacity to serve both lot owners and the Houston community. It will provide an ample gathering space to host receptions and other events, provide access to Glenwood’s archives for research and educational purposes, engage the community through programming and other offerings, and advance and promote Glenwood’s historic significance in the City of Houston.


The vision for The Center for Glenwood

Our Vision is that it would not only serve necessary utilitarian functions but fulfill broader purposes over time, and that by addressing the needs created by the physical growth of the cemetery , we will also be expanding our ability to steward and share the extraordinary treasure that is Glenwood.

We have incredibly beautiful statuary, extraordinary horticulture, so while we’re not a museum of paintings, we’re a museum of beauty… and I think it’s time we invite the community in.

Bill Conner, Director and past Chairman and President

Join Us

as we extend Glenwood’s legacy
and importance into the future

This comprehensive vision realized in the new multi-use welcome and administration center will accomplish the following objectives.

  • Enhance and expand daily business and operations of Glenwood Cemetery
  • Preserve, showcase and interpret the historical, architectural, and horticultural assets of Glenwood
  • Engage the community through intentional programming and grow a broader constituency
  • Extend Glenwood’s legacy and relevance into the future

As we envision the future of Glenwood, we hope to not only provide for the needs of the cemetery and its families but allow current and future Houstonians to better experience this museum of beauty, preserved in the heart of the city, and to gain a greater understanding of the history of Houston and beyond, through the lives and legacies memorialized here.

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Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about this transformational project or are interested in participating in its success, contact us or reach out directly to Carmen Alliston, Director of Sales & Administration, at [email protected].