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Houston's elite pay a lot for their homes - and burial plots at Glenwood

Status symbols come in many forms — designer handbags and flashy cars, or maybe a vacation home, yacht or a private jet. The newest financial watermark for Houston’s elite comes in an unexpected form: upscale cemetery plots...

Houston's historic Glenwood Cemetery prepares for its next life

Glenwood Cemetery, the historic resting place of some of Houston’s most famous figures, has long been a local tourist destination for those interested in history, nature or just a place to stroll on a nice day...

Glenwood Cemetery, resting place to Howard Hughes, gets an upgrade

The most expensive land in Houston isn’t a lot in River Oaks or a corner near the posh Galleria mall. On 88 acres near the edge of downtown...

Houston is final resting place for many notable Texans

A handful of cemeteries in the Houston-area, including Glenwood Cemetery and Forest Park Cemetery, are the final resting places of some of the people that helped shape the city...

Glenwood Cemetery is a place to rest, reflect

Summer still holds the city in a vise-like grip, and cures ranging from cool icy drinks to trips to the pool do not work at this point in the calendar...

The mystery of the Cemetery Oak

It is, of course, a live oak — Houston's favorite tree — and it is, of course, a whole lotta live oak. Sixty-four feet tall; trunk wide as a Volkswagen...

Here lies Houston's history

With Halloween approaching, children and some adults delight in hearing scary stories about haunted houses, spooky cemeteries and ethereal apparitions... Audio


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