Please enter through the main gate off Washington Avenue.

Rules & Regulations


Glenwood is a privately owned cemetery. Visitors are welcome every day of the year when the cemetery gates are open. Since it is an operating cemetery, visitors must respect the privacy and dignity of our lot owners, families, friends, and those attending burials. Group visits must be arranged in advance due to the potential impact on burials and other cemetery operations.


The following activities are permitted

Visitors engaged in these activities may not, under any circumstances, interfere with funerals. Funeral procession routes will be marked by traffic cones. All visitors should avoid these routes and remain out of sight of the funeral area. Please give the family and mourners the same respect you would wish for your own funeral.

  • Small groups of casual bicyclists (ride in single file and observe 10-mph speed limit)
  • Running and jogging (must be dressed appropriately and not in a large group)
  • Well-behaved dogs (must be on a leash and picked up after)
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult

The following activities are NOT permitted

  • Sitting, standing, or climbing on monuments and tombstones
  • Making rubbings of grave markers as it is damaging to the markers
  • Rollerblading or skateboarding
  • Horseback riding
  • Off-road or excessively loud vehicles
  • Glass containers


  • Photography for private use is permitted so long as it does not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of the cemetery by other visitors.
  • External light sources not integral to the camera may not be used.
  • Photography of burials is permitted only with the express permission of the person authorizing the burial, and such permission should be made known to the Glenwood office in advance of the burial.
  • Photography for commercial use is prohibited, except with the written permission of the Executive Director. Requests should be submitted to the Glenwood office (link to Contact Us).
  • Please observe the posted 10-mph speed limit and drive only on paved roads.
  • Visitors may park along the cemetery roads so long as there is room for another vehicle to pass.
  • Vehicles larger than a 12-passenger van are not permitted inside the cemetery.
  • Only licensed and insured drivers may drive in the cemetery, and drivers are liable for damage caused to any monument, improvement, tree or plant material as the result of their driving or parking.

Please Note

  • No public restroom facilities are available in the cemetery.
  • Any addition or alteration to a lot is subject to the consent and approval of the Executive Director and may be removed and disposed of by Glenwood at the lot owner’s expense.